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Amicus Cloud provides a  solution for lawyers that fulfills the promise of the cloud: freedom.

Freedom from the office,  from IT,  from complexity, from worry.

Amicus Cloud allows to work the way you want to. You have the benefits of practice management but with the freedom of the cloud.

It is secure, reliable and easy to use. It works on any platform with a modern browser, PCs, Macs, & Tablets. It integrates fully with email providing not just a link or synch but total fusion. Your email will appear in the Amicus Cloud ; your Inbox, Sent Mail, Saved Folders - everything. It does not matter what device you use Amicus Cloud will manage and capture that email.

Practice management on a higher level.

If you want to know more about the Cloud option then contact us  on

Tel: (+44) (0) 845 6860866 Option 1  and we will be delighted to provide you with more information

Amicus Cloud